What Were the Successes and Failures of the Women’s Suffrage Movement in The United States?

There are certain facts related to the failures and success of the women’s suffrage movement in the United States that we all need to know. Women were not mentioned directly by the 19th Amendment. The fact remains that the Constitution is documented that is gender-neutral. The phrase ‘male’ never appeared in the Constitution under the 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868. Women were never barred from voting directly by the original Constitution. From 1797 to 1807, voting was allowed in New Jersey to unmarried women.

But it was until 1869 when the first territorial government emerged as the Wyoming territory that supported women to vote. However, by 1920 when the 14th Amendment got ratified, unrestricted suffrage was enjoyed by women in around 15 states. In around 28 states, presidential suffrage was enjoyed. In 1868, a universal suffrage amendment was offered as the first attempt in Congress, however, it did not reached anywhere. Further in 1878, the next attempt was made by Aaron A. Sargent – the senator of California. However, his bill was rejected but was later introduced. Further Congress approved the exact text of this bill in 1919.

One of the biggest failures of the suffrage movement was still not able to be have sole ownership of property and not able to be a women. Another major failure was women was not perceived by some people as equivalent to men. In contrast and comparison to this, one of the biggest success of the suffrage movement was better lives for women. Following this other successes were birth control, women being in politics, more job opportunities available to women. Some other successes were better wages and working conditions for women and the right to vote was granted to women by 19th Amendment.

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