Thesis on Evolution of Talent Management

Talent management has become gradually renowned since 1997, by the US consultancy McKinsey who bare a war relating to talent as a driver who critically controls the corporate performance. From the time of the reforms, many dramatic alterations have taken place in Saudi Arabia, an initiative the structural management such as the procedures of decision making and decentralization, the preamble of the systems of responsibility improving people’s responsibility for performance, and the encouragement of foreign as well as private invested enterprises.

Along with these alterations, the labor-management system of Saudi Arabia is also in a position of transition. While the organizations have appeared the HR system also appeared at the same time.

The transforming political atmosphere, structured economic pressure, and legal framework have simultaneously added new extents to HRM. Recently with the significance of incorporeal resources in today’s economic knowledge, concentration has lighted upon a new concept, Talent management. The necessity of Talent management has been fuelled by the increasing pressure of competition and a shortage of managerial aptitude. In Saudi Arabia as well as in other countries in the world, especially in MNCs, the term Talent management becomes the modern inclination in terms of managing people.

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