Term Paper on Factors concerning to Communication in End of Life Care

An individual’s ability to communicate and priorities may change over the course of time due to his or her illnesses. As the muscles and nerves that are used for speech, involving the neck and head cancer, multiple sclerosis, and MND (motor neurone disease) can be influenced by the degree of illness. These illnesses can result in difficulties relative to dysarthria (speaking) as the individual will not be able to control their nerves and muscles for speech.

Moreover, it may be quite difficult to understand his or speech. Other than this, the brain may also be influenced by illnesses and can result into speech issues, involving dementia, severe head injury, brain tumour, and stroke. Problems may be caused by these illnesses in understanding receptive dysgraphia (written information) and speech or problems in expressive dysphasia (writing their own thoughts) or speaking may also result. Individuals may have a mixture or both or one type. Individuals with dysphasia often face issues with writing, speaking, listening, and reading. 

My skills, experience, and level of knowledge are some of the major factors that will aid my title role in answering to questions from other beings related to their experience about end of life. Along with this, it is also significant that I am conscious of my knowledge limitations and do not present any information that is unrelated to clinical knowledge. However, in case if I am unable to answer any question, I may seek someone else’s support.

First, I will assure that I have heard the question properly. Next, I will demonstrate to the individual that whatever he or she has asked is important. Further, I will stop everything to give ample time to the person to communicate and discuss his or her question. Next, I will try to refer to those things that may be known to the individual. I will also consider pauses so that the individual does have the opportunity of expressing her or his feelings. Further, I will also be honest about my feelings and will not allow for silences. In case if I don’t have an answer to the question, I will admit it honestly. Moreover, throughout the communication, I will demonstrate compassion and empathy and will not provide misleading reassurances.

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