Why Students Avoid Writing Academic Papers

Reasons Why Students Cannot Write Like Professional Writers

Writing academic papers is indeed a tough task for many students. There are a lot of students in high school and college who just hate writing academic papers due to various reasons. They work hard to write them and at the end of the day all they get is low grades. It is obvious that they get discourages even after working so hard. There are certain things that students simply hate about academic writing. The purpose of this article is to highlight the reasons as to why students hate writing academic papers.

Fear of Plagiarism

Some students are not aware of saving themselves from plagiarism. Even after trying so hard and writing an original paper they are still blamed for plagiarism. The reason is that they are not aware of using citations appropriately. By using citation they can save themselves from big trouble. They simply fear of committing unintentional plagiarism which can result in very harsh penalties in terms of expulsion from the academic institution.

Poor Research Skills

A good academic paper is based on how research is conducted. If the sources used to conduct research are credible then the academic paper also turns out to be good because of originality and high quality. But if the sources used in the academic paper are not up to the mark then an academic paper is not termed as authentic and this too can result in penalties such as low grades or even rejection of the paper by the teacher or instructor. With poor research skills many students try to avoid writing academic papers and instead seek easier ways to complete them.

Poor Writing Skills

Some students have very poor writing skills resulting in poor performance. Writing is indeed an art and not everyone is a natural writer. Those who are gifted find it easier to write their academic papers but those students who are not good at it really struggle to keep up with the pace of academic writing. As a result they look for easier ways of having their academic papers completed. Poor writing skill is another major factor that leads students to avoid writing academic papers.

Due to Laziness

Some students are very lazy and they keep on procrastinating. As a result they are not able to complete their academic papers and get low grades and even rejection from the instructor.

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