Research Paper on Talent Management in Saudi

Talent Management in Saudi – The ambitious, efficient millennial of the Saudi Arabian workforce is enough to stand with the point “money attracts but it does not retain”. That fact that up to 54% inhabitants of Saudi Arabia are practically considered to leave their current employer and in the course of the 16-24-year age bracket that increases to 66% has been appeared by the survey done by the Mercer.

Although many workers are searching after a hike in their income, there are still some who want to increase their knowledge as well as their efficiency. Maybe it is not too surprising to consider the progression in the career and the opportunities of training determine with pay as the ultimate three factors motivating the worker to stay. And an investment in talent management becomes a critical factor that Saudi Arabian businesses can deliver successfully.

As there is no difference among the employees who can easily be able to increase their salary, it becomes a low-hanging fruit. Furthermore, a well-maintained talent management strategy must be included things like recognition of performance, development of learning, create an environment that attracts people to work, and last but not least make people as efficient as it can.

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