Lord of the Flies Characters

Roger is a traditional bully who, without facing the chance of retribution, eventually gets an unrestricted ability to practice his inner aggression and anger. He uses his role to harass others as a hunter, something he loves greatly. He’s the one that throws a big rock off Castle Rock, killing Piggy.

Samneric is the name of two characters: Sam and Eric, who are twins who are alike. .tThe boys are so inseparable that, as Piggy says in Chapter 8, they are treated as one: “You got to treat Samneric as one tur They do everything together” These characters signify the incapacity of contemporary youth to rise and create their own identities.

Simon is one of the characters with a more subtle and compassionate role. He encourages people to discover the world around him and is curious. His gentle and inherent nature makes him a natural target of the hostility of the hunters. It’s possible that he suffers from epilepsy based on his actions.

The Beast is a strange monster that no one has ever encountered, but everyone is terrified of it. At the second general conference, younger boys became the first to pick him up. The older boys at first persuade others that on the island there are no beasts. They assume that the body of the deceased parachutist who fell on the island is the Beast. It is the emblem of primal terror and wild emotions of the party.

The naval officer is the marine commander who arrives to save the boys. One of the main parallels to “The Coral Island” book, where there is an officer with a very similar appearance, is the appearance of such a character. He is also the one who actually says the word “Coral Island” sarcastically when he sees the miserable circumstances of the boys.

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