Information regarding research paper on Processes of Social Interaction

What are the processes of social interaction?

According to Maciver and Page, a process means a “continues change taking place in a definite manner through the operation of forces present from the first within the situation”. Social processes are the products of social interactions which can be classified into following two groups:

  • Associative processes
  • Dissociative processes

The associative process involves cooperation, accommodation, assimilation, acculturation, and amalgamation. The dissociative process involves competition and conflict.

All the social processes are the products of different interactions. Human life is full of social processes like co-operation, competition, and conflict. As the interaction process among people changes, the social processes also changes simultaneously. These social processes can be called as the patterns of social interaction among different subjects of a society.

Society can be taken as boiling water in a pot. The individuals are running one after the other in pursuit of their social means and goals. This is the process of social interaction among each member of a society. It means our social life gets a living condition through the interactions we have with different people around us.

The processes of social interactions are either associative or dissociative. Associative processes are those social processes in which people help one another and form a beneficial relationship with each other.  They share in one or more aspects of social life. These processes can be seen in the form of co-operation among people. The dissociative processes, on the other hand, are those processes which are motivated due to the hostility for others. Those individuals who promote dissociative processes differ in one or more aspects of social life. Conflict and competition are the two forms of dissociative processes.

Many scholars believe that dissociative processes of social interactions are as important for the progress of a society as associative processes are. Motivation, which arises from competition, is often quite productive. It helps the subject to put more efforts in order to achieve his means.

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