Financial Problems for the Juvenile Department

A real example of the budget cut is the Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention which is unable to perform its work and have to curtail the training necessary for the services resulting in stoppage of core services. The economy has hindered the process of improvement that limited the strategic planning not allowing the required training to be executed for further innovative methods to be implemented. The methods and information is essential to halt crimes that overshadowed the states due to economic condition globally. The economy of the whole world has witnessed crucial times which one way or the other affected the law agencies to not perform as they are required to.

Not able to hire good staff is another impediment which does not let the agencies improve the way they plan to. The Department of Correction also explained its conditions due to contemporary fiscal condition which limited the ability to enhance and expand our main mission of public security. The integral parts of any agency such as services towards sheriffs, courts, victims and offenders have been affected mostly. Thus, the services become limited due to the budget issues which end up in the offenders to go back to their communities causing trouble to the citizens.

These incidents result in closing of prisons or they might double the cells to incorporate the prisoner population. Media plays pivotal role in spreading the current economic condition and its consequences that may lead to increase in criminal activities. It may increase the homicide ratio in many states especially in the large cities of the country. Since the Great Depression, the crimes have always remained a part of economic downfall, which can also be witnessed in the contemporary era. During this economic downfall many question arise in the minds of people as what are the other issues are other than of security.

As we have already got to know that crime rates have been increased during all the economic recessions we have witnessed up till now. These crucial times also allowed the offenders and prisoners to re-enter the society which could push them towards dealing with the issues in a better manner instead of adopting a brutal approach to fulfill their needs. If we compare certain periods of recessions with one another the differences in crime rates are quite visible. 

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