Employee Motivation in the Workplace

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Employee motivation in the workplace has been given is of paramount importance for the progression of business entities. Human Resource experts say that employees are the most important part of an organization and play a fundamental role in the growth and development of an organization and make it competitive to external environment and according to needs of their stakeholders.

In the past though it was recognized that organizations can improve their efficiency and productivity with the employees motivation but due to lack of competition and more product orientation, organizations were taking less care about employees motivation. On the other hand, there are various challenges towards improving motivation for better work performances.

However, however the point of view is that modern organizations are working in perfect competition environment where small variation in the organizations performance can make big difference on their market share and cost control.

In such circumstances, organizations must need to keep their employees motivated. also identified that for this purpose, they manage employees’ motivation on more scientific ways like conducting different psychological tests, getting industrial data of employees’ motivation, analyzing the budget of different organizations spend for employees’ motivation and getting connected with each of their employees to know what they want from their organization to be motivated.

Employee Motivation in the Workplace

The needs goal setting theory suggests that if managerial staff sets some goals and some objectives then that not only would help motivate the managers themselves but would also significantly increase the motivation of his team members and those working within the lower levels of the organizational structure.

By providing those with goals supervisors are also able to help their fellow employees and those working under them assess their work related performance and the progress they are making towards the predefined goals and objectives of the organization. In addition obtaining feedback at regular intervals also aids in raising the motivational levels of employees

Motivation is the best   means to reduce and manipulate employees. It means inducing others in a specific way towards goals specifically stated by the motivator.

Naturally, these goals and the motivation system must conform to the corporate policy of the organization. The motivational system must be tailored to the situation and to the organization. It was noticed that things like pay benefits and working conditions were given a low rating by employees. So after all, and contrary to common belief, money is not the prime motivator. This should not be regarded as a signal to reward employees poorly or unfairly. 

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