Corporate Social Responsibility of Tanzania

Over the years, Vodacom Tanzania has established itself as the leading cell phone company and at the same time complete solutions providers. It is a subsidiary firm of Vodacom Group Limited South Africa which is, in turn, a subsidiary of the Vodafone Group in the United Kingdom.

It offers a wide range of communication solutions that innovative, cost-effective, technology-driven, generate sustainability and customer-centric. In addition, the company also presents a comprehensive range of Managed hosted services including fundamental hosting and storage, disaster recovery and backup.

Besides this, Vodacom Tanzania is also engaged in different corporate social responsibility activities such as minimizing carbon emissions. In Tanzania, there is a significant disparity between poor and rich people. Vodacom Tanzania while designing its corporate social responsibility ought to take into consideration this aspect.

Even though Vodacom Tanzania had taken noteworthy efforts in order to minimize the impact of their environment on society, they need to initiate actions to resolve the community issues. It has been observed that some of the services telecom services offered by Vodacom Tanzania. Moreover, in Tanzania, the frequency of natural disasters is relatively high. Therefore, it is imperative for the large corporations in the country to assist the victims of the floods and droughts during the situations of crises. However, it has been noted that Vodacom Tanzania has not developed any rehabilitation projects for the victims of natural disasters.

Hence they need to modify their primary corporate social responsibility activity in order to serve their societal purpose. It is normally perceived that disaster mitigation is the ultimate responsibility of the public sector as well as the aid agencies. Nevertheless, the increasing number of floods and other natural disasters have compelled the organizations to devise initiatives of disaster rehabilitation in Tanzania.

The issues and concerns related to disasters are mainly addressed by the National Disaster Management Centre. However, during massive disasters, the private sector of the country ought to play a critical role in mitigating the issues. To this end, the Disaster Management department of Tanzania has issued a circular that had obliged all the private sectors to concentrate on the activities of reconstructions

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