Book Review: The Wonderful World of the Great Gatsby

Francis Scott Fitzgerald is the American writer who succeeded in portraying in vivid colors the richness and carelessness of the 1920s in the USA. The author himself, known as the “Jazz Age,” was the product of the golden era. Readers will also appreciate the legacy of his books that carry on the spirit of independence, joy, and selfishness, though those quirky and luxurious days are gone now.

Most well of his books is “The Great Gatsby.” The Dry Law era, gangster wars, incredible parties, and glamorous lifestyles were published in 1925. Slightly resembling Fitzgerald himself, the life path of the protagonist of this novel, Jay Gatsby. Fitzgerald has seen everything throughout his literary career, from admiration and recognition for his first 1920 book “This Side of Paradise” to devastating ignorance and cruel criticism for a number of his other novels.

Similarly, for Jay Gatsby, the accomplishment of the American dream shaped to be a tragic disaster of life. Considering the fame and riches it earned him, his way to the top of the social ladder led to failure and defeat. The reader is able to realize after reading the book that what individuals deep inside want is not material things, but emotional ones.

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