Making Ethical Business Decisions

According to Immanuel Kant, making ethical business decisions is based on the observation that the only thing required for a good deed is the will to do it, and the sole guiding principle behind it is morality which applies to everyone without taking into account their interests or desire. Kant theorized that for an action to be acceptable and tolerable it must apply to everyone without any inconsistency. This links it to the management theories with ethical theories represented by their responses. These issues represent problems with unsatisfactory choices that are usually dealt with according to a person’s perception of the issue.

Making ethical business decisions is a very complicated subject, and it might not be easy for everyone to understand what decision to make or not to make. Is the person going to allow his personal interest to interfere with the doing of what is right, or is the person going succumb to pressure and do what is required by him by his co-workers or by the senior management who have their own interests at heart? All business ethics theories have moral concepts because they stress the importance or moral behavior that may be accepted or rejected by others.

However, without making ethical business decisions would be completely inactive and life would probably come to a standstill. In most cases, business owners are faced with dilemmas requiring decisions that have to be made according to the situation, and ethical considerations are sometimes not part of their decisions.

Ethical Business Decisions

The ethical dilemmas could be the desire to not produce the quality product according to approved specifications or take shortcuts because deadlines have to be met or to fire workers to increase profit ratios.  Despite the unethical aspects of such decisions, sometimes the pressure of arriving at a resolution does not give a person the time to think about the long term consequences of his decision.

Usually competitive pressure is the greatest problem in  Making ethical business decisions and the person might be faced with making an instant decision or lose his money, or if he is an employee, his job forcing them to compromise on their business ethics and ideals.  The best ethical decisions are made by businesses when there are no undue pressures or too much competition. As a business consultant advising a client on ethical decisions it is important to look at all the aspects of situation before advising him on the decision that he must or must not make.

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