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An essay has three important parts and that are the introduction, the main body and a conclusion. All these elements are extremely important to structure an essay in a logical and coherent way. If any of these elements are missing from an essay it is incomplete and has no substance. The introduction is the first part of an essay followed by the main body and lastly a strong conclusion to wrap up the entire essay in a single paragraph. Since the introduction is the first part of an essay it has to be spot on right from the beginning. In this article we will provide some useful guidelines to write an essay introduction which will help you in your essay writing tasks. Please read further below to find out how an introduction of an essay is written.

Ask a Question

One of the best ways to begin the essay introduction is to ask a question right in the beginning to grab readers’ attention. But the important thing here is that the question should be related to the topic of the essay. With a question in the beginning your readers will read ahead to find out the answers. This is a good technique to make the readers read the entire essay. In addition to that you can also include interesting statistics. The whole purpose is to grab the attention of readers. Once again the statistics you write should be related to the main topic of the essay.

Introduce the Important Points

Once you have drawn readers into reading the essay with a strong start the next step is to introduce all the key points of your essay one by one. There is no need to explain everything in detail or include any arguments, facts and figures in this section of the essay. Just briefly introduce the key points so that the readers get to know what is coming ahead in the essay. The introduction is the microcosm of the entire essay and your readers must get to know what the whole essay is all about by reading the introduction.

Write a Thesis Statement

What is the objective of the essay? What will your readers learn by reading your essay? Answer these questions when writing the thesis statement so the readers know the entire purpose of the essay.

Be Direct

Try to be as direct and to the point you can be when writing the introduction. Avoid writing anything that is not related to the main theme of the essay.

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