Essential Components of an Academic Paper

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Academic paper writing is a very important activity throughout a student’s academic career. It is difficult yet it has many benefits in the long run. There are many things that need a proper plan before doing them practically and academic paper writing is also something that requires careful planning.

Without a proper plan it can lead to lots of mistakes and as a result grades can get in jeopardy which in turn can affect grade point average. An outline is a tool of an academic paper which provides a road map to write it. It is a step by step approach towards writing an academic paper.

An outline is not just good for the one who is writing the academic paper but the audience as well as looking at it can make them determine what the paper is all about. This essay discusses the important components of an academic paper and why they are important.

Research Work of academic paper writing

Before preceding any further to write the academic paper it is important to conduct thorough research on the chosen topic. The research should be authentic and must contain original sources. The research work is actually a data gathering process. Before writing on the subject it is important to have thorough knowledge about it and that is what research work provides. It gives the writer a complete idea about the topic on which the paper is being written. Moreover, research work also provides significant examples as logic to back the arguments that are needed to be included in the paper as to convince the audience. Once research work is done it has to be included in the paper in a well structured and logical manner.

Making an Outline of the academic paper

Once the research has been conducted it has to be determined as to how to utilize the gathered fact in a logical way. An outline is like a map of an academic paper which provides a way for the reader. It should be clearly mentioned in the outline that how gathered data has to be used in the paper. For instance, what the introduction of the paper will contain, what elements of the data have to be used in the body paragraphs of the paper and finally how it will be concluded?

Preparing to Write the Academic paper Introduction

The introduction is just a microcosm of the entire academic paper writing. It consists of introduction of all the main points of the essay that have to be included in body paragraphs and a thesis statement which is a research question. An introduction provides the audience with the idea as to what the academic paper writing is all about.

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